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after watching aparichit movie................

copy paste from google below↓
Sinners are sent to the Various Narakas(Hells) by Yamadharma according to their nature and seriousness of their Sins. There is a total of 28 Narakas. They are:–

(1) Tamisram(Heavy flogging)-Those who rob others of their wealth are bound with ropes by Yama’s Servants and cast into the Naraka known as Tamisram. There, they are given a thrashing until they bleed and faint. When they recover their senses, the beating is repeated. This is done until their time is up.

(2) Andhatamtrsam(Flogging)-This Hell is reserved for the Husband or the Wife who only treat their spouses well when they are to profit or pleasure to them. Those who forsake their wives and husbands for no apparent reasons are also sent here. The punishment is almost the same as Tamisram, but the excruciating pain, suffered by the victims on being tied fast, makes them fall down senseless.

(3) Rauravam(torment of snakes)- This is the hell for sinners who seize and enjoy another man’s property or resources. When these people are thrown into this hell, those whom they have cheated, assume the the shape of “Ruru”, a dreadful serpent. The serpent(s) will torment them severely until their time is up.

(4) Mahararuravam(death by snakes)- Here there is also Ruru serpents but more fiercer. Those who deny the legitimate heirs, their inheritance and possess and enjoy others property will be squeezed and bitten non stop by this terrible serpents coiling around them. Those who steal another man’s wife or lover will also be thrown here.

(5) Kumbhipakam(cooked by oil)- This is the hell for those who kill animals for pleasure. Here oil is kept boiled in huge vessels and sinners are plunged in this vessels.

(6) Kalasutram( Hot as hell)- This hell is terribly hot. Those who don’t respect their elders esp. when their elders have done their duties are sent here. Here they are made to run around in this unbearable heat and drop down exhausted from time to time.

(7) Asitapatram(sharp flogging)- This is the hell in which sinners abandon one’s own duty. They are flogged by Yama’s Servants with whips made of asipatra (sharp-edged sword-shaped leaves). If they run about under the flogging, they will trip over the stones and thorns, to fall on their faces. Then they are stabbed with knives until they drop unconscious, When they recover, the same process is repeated until their time is up in this Naraka.

(8)Sukaramukham(Crushed and tormented)- Rulers who neglect their duties and oppress their subjects by misrule, are punished in this hell. They are crushed to a pulp by heavy beating.When they recover, it is repeated until their time is up.

(9) Andhakupam( Attack of the animals)- This is hell for those who oppress the good people and not helping them if requested despite having the resources. They will be pushed into a well, where beasts like Lions, tigers, eagles and venomous creatures like snakes and scorpions. The sinners have to endure the constant attacks of this creatures until the expiry of the period of their punishment.

(10) Taptamurti( Burnt Alive)- Those who plunder or steal Gold and jewels are cast into the furnaces of this Naraka which always remains hot in blazing fire.

(11) Krimibhojanam(Food for worms)- Those who do not honour their Guests and make use of men or women only for their own gain, are thrown into this Naraka. Worms, insects and serpents eat them alive. Once their bodies are completely eaten up, the sinners are provided with new bodies, which are also eaten up in the above manner. This continues, till the end of their term of punishment.

(12) Salmali(Embracing hot images)-This Naraka is intended for men and women who have committed adultery. A figure made of iron, heated red-hot is placed there. The sinner is forced to embrace it, while Yama’s servants flog the victim behind.

(13) Vajrakantakasali-(Embracing sharp images)- This Naraka is the punishment for Sinners who have unnatural intercourse with animals. Here, they are made to embrace iron images full of sharp diamond needles that pierce through their bodies.

(14) Vaitarani(River of Filth)- Rulers who abuse their power and adulterers are thrown here. It is the most terrible place of punishment. It is a river which is filled with human excreta, blood, hair, bones, nails, flesh and all kinds of dirty substances. There are various kinds of terrible beasts as well. Those who are cast into it are attacked and mauled by these creatures from all sides. The sinners have to spend the term of their punishment, feeding upon the contents of this river.

(15) Puyodakam (Well of hell)- This is a well filled with excreta, urine, blood, phlegm. Men who have intercourse and cheat women with no intention of marrying them are considered like animals. Those who wander about irresponsibly like animals are thrown in this well to get polluted by it’s contents. They are to remain here till their time is up.

(16) Pranarodham (Piece by Piece)- This Naraka is for those who keep dogs and other mean animals and constantly hunt and kill animals for food. Here the servants of Yama, gather around the sinners and cut them limb to limb while subjecting them to constant insult.

(17) Visasanam(Bashing from Clubs)- This Naraka is for the torture of those rich people who look down at the poor and spend excessively just to display their wealth and splendour. They have to remain here at the whole term of their punishment where they will be bashed non stop from heavy clubs from Yama’s Servants.

(18) Lalabhaksam-(River of semen)- This is the Naraka for lustful men. The lascivious fellow who makes his wife swallow his semen, is cast into this hell. Lalabhaksam is a sea of semen. The sinner lies in it, feeding upon semen alone until his period of punishment.

(19) Sarameyasanam(Torment from dogs)- Those guilty of unsocial acts like poisoning food, mass slaughter, ruining the country are cast into this hell. There is nothing but the flesh of dogs for food. There are thousands of dogs in this Naraka and they attack the sinners and tear their flesh from their bodies with their teeth.

(20) Avici( turned into dust)- This Naraka is for those who are guilty for false witness and false swearing. There are hurled from a great height and they are utterly smashed into dust when they reached the ground. They are again restored to life and the punishment is repeated till the end of their time.

(21) Ayahpanam(Drinking of burning substances)- Those who consume alcohol and other intoxicating drinks are sent here. The women are forced to drink melted iron in liquid form, whereas the men will be forced to drink hot liquid molten lava for every time they consume a alcoholic drink in their earthly lives.

(22) Raksobjaksam(Revenge attacks)- Those who do animal and human sacrifices and eat the flesh after the sacrifice will be thrown in this hell. All the living beings they killed before would be there and they will join together to attacking, biting, and mauling the sinners. Their cries and complaints would be no avail here.

(23) Sulaprotam(Trident Torture)- People who take the lives of others who have done no harm to them and those who deceives others by treachery are sent to this “Sulaportam” hell. Here they are impaled on a trident and they are forced to spend their whole term of their punishment in that position, suffering intense hunger and thirst, as well as enduring all the tortures inflicted on them.

(24) Ksharakardamam(hanged upside down) -Braggarts and those who insult good people are cast into this hell. Yama’s servants keep the sinners upside down and torture them in many ways.

(25) Dandasukam(eaten alive)- Sinners who persecute others like animals will be sent here. There are many beasts here. They will be eaten alive by this beasts.

(26) Vatarodham(weapon torture)- This hell is for those who persecute animals which live in forrests, mountain peaks and trees. After throwing them in this hell, sinners are tortured with fire, poison and various weapons during their time here in this Naraka.

(27) Paryavartanakam( torture from birds)- One who denies food to a hungry person and abuses him is thrown here. The moment the sinner arrives here ,his eyes are put by being pierced the beaks of birds like the crows and eagles. They will be pierced later on by this birds till the end of their punishment.

(28) Sucimukham(Tortured by needles)- Proud and Miserly people who refuse to spend money even for the basic necessities of life, like better food or buying food for their relations or friends will find their place in this hell. Those who do not repay the money they have borrowed will also be cast into this hell. Here, their bodies will be constantly be pricked and pierced by needles.
All the chapters of Garuda puranam is available here :

Sinners who have committed more than one of the sins listed above will be sent to all the various hell. once their period for one ends, the other will begin. Some of these Narakas have different punishments for the same sins. In the case of Adultery, sinners will go through all the levels of Narakas intended for the sin of Adultery

Narada - >

Those persons who are omniscient, who are conversant with the principles of creation and annihilation, who see everything and who are devoid of passionate attachment to anything are released from the bonds of karma. 

Those who do not injure anybody or anything, whatsoever, mentally, verbally or physically and those who are not involved in anything are not bound by karma. 

Those who refrain from violence to living beings, who possess good conduct and mercifulness, and who have equanimity to others’ hatred and love are released from the bonds of karma. They have self-control. 

Those who are merciful to living beings, who are worthy of being trusted by living creatures and who have eschewed violent activities go to heaven. 

Those who are indifferent to others’ assets, who always avoid other men’s wives and who enjoy the riches virtuously acquired by them go to heaven. 

Those men who always associate with other men’s wives as though they were their own mothers, sisters and daughters go to heaven. 

Those who cling to their own wives, who carnally approach them only during the prescribed period after the days of menstruation and who never indulge themselves in vulgar lechery go to heaven. 

Those who desist from stealth, who are content with their own wealth and who enjoy their own good luck go to heaven. 

Those who view other men’s wives with eyes enveloped by chastity, who have conquered their sense organs and who value good conduct very much go to heaven. 

 A/c to Nimbarka There are five kinds of liberation: sālokya, sāmīpya, sārūpya, sārṣṭi and sāyujya.
Sālokya means that after material liberation one is promoted to the planet where the Supreme Personality of Godhead resides, sāmīpya means remaining an associate of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, sārūpya means attaining a four-handed form exactly like that of the Lord., sārṣṭi means attaining opulences like those of the Supreme Lord, and sāyujya means merging into the Brahman effulgence of the Lord. These are the five types of liberation.


  1. Hey Archana,

    Even i read the purana, But if u think practically, Logically & Scientifically, what ever u say.. the minute died, ur soul will be departed from ur body.

    Then your body will be on earth & will be creamated as per various dharmas ( burried / fired etc..)

    And soul will reach Naraka / swarga depending on ur past credit ( as per Hindhu darhma)

    But How soul will come to know the pain of all the punishments, as it is just air, no shape, not touchable etc..

    I have this query from long back..Let me know if u got the ans to this...

    How soul can be punished...?will soul be having sense like thirst, hungry, cold, hot etc..?

    As per Krishna's Bagwad Gita, Sould doesn't have any of the qualities..,

    1. All these punishments should gv in ds prsnt life only means bf death.
      Otherwise d peoples llnt change

  2. dude . .

    if u read garuda purana carefully the answer is there in it. .

    i guess in 3rd chap . . .

    the rice balls which they will keep 4 11 days make the body and it will suffer the pain . .

    it is all true :)

  3. Anonymous4:58 am

    what about the living beings (micro organisms) which di when we inhale? are we going to punished for this too?

  4. Nope.If im not sure !@
    it is believed that even microbes have souls which come out after their death.
    some Scientists say that soul is nothing but "An Energy",which can neither be created nor destroyed.That comes out of d body after d death .

  5. hello evryone.........well hell differs with religion r not....i mean hindus have seperate hell n muslims have seperate hell etc....well lemme tell u....in earth 100 years=----- minutes in the supernatural world which we r talking as hell and heaven.......according to my investigation after death soul comes out of the body and what happens den.......no body cannot conclude soul after death...hell and heaven are not there in real.......don get me wrong there r only holy hollosinations of every soul which pretends da soul in unreality....its all the project of great god.....according 2 soul beliefs on the earth they were sent 2 hell hollosination and heaven hollosination which were virtual realities shown by god.......like da drama on earth another drams starts there which we cannot come out of it.....god the father dont pain his children he only shows the right way of surviving in dis soulful world....he acts both in da hell and heaven hallosinations as torture and happy- santhosh

  6. WELL Everything is good.but plz dnt post any bloody stuff that differentiates ppl on d name of religion."All r 1"

  7. read that again.....i said soul does not refer 2 religion it only refers 2 god in indirect sense..i said "if u bleave in garuda puranam then ur soul will continue 2 bleave it even after death n if i bleave in any other purana my soul may bleave in another way......finally what i wanna say is there are only hollosinations.....jus bleave in god....do meditation its tells what ur and what garuda purana is ....what happens 2 soul after death

  8. " .....jus bleave in god....do meditation its tells what ur and what garuda purana is ....what happens 2 soul after death "

    AGREED !


  10. Certainly ! We Reap what We sow.

  11. Akshitha.p10:27 am

    Awesome.Superb site Archana!Thankyou..

  12. Thank you Akshitha.U r D first girl posted comment in my blog.Thank you Dear. :)

  13. I am afraid i done lot of things wrong in my life but not too bad can u tell me how can i get "prayschita" for that i belives in god n now in garud puran too i swear i stop doing all bad thing in my life plz god forgive me i realised....archana

  14. Mr.Keval Brother,
    With my little knowledge,as a wellwisher 2 u,i can only suggest u this...!
    'Past is past,past has gone as past'!I know 1 telegu proverb "paschatapanni minchina prayschitham ledu"...lite tesko Bhai ;)!Howevr u vl nevr repeat any of dem rite? so lite!
    U CANT CHANGE PAST...,presnt & Future R in ur hands,take care of it.
    Alwazz " BE GUD & DO GUD " Everywhere,everytime in everyplace,watevr b d situation......Do all good things...more than so called 'possible'..ok na.
    read diz...
    Never agn do 'wrong'...datz all i can suggest u bhai.

  15. or check out " prayschitas " in google search engine based on Ur sin or Refer The Sacred " Parasara Smriti"...

  16. hi archana its a superb site ,..........i will certanily change myself ......i have a small query .that is .....all relegious gurus ..say that u will repent for all bad activities in your present lifeform.........then why this tormentation takes place in hell when we have cleared all old accounts .....in this life ......plz a reply is a must .......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  17. Anonymous8:48 pm

    "yatha karma tatha phal" - "You reap what you sow"

  18. Anonymous4:42 pm

    After death, thats true that body will not b with us but they give us a different body in paatal lok and in that body, death never comes but the thing is, u will feel the same pain as u feel now if u touch hot oil or fire. But u can follow 4 Regulative principles by which u can get free from lakhs of Janmas. the Principles are as follows
    1) No meat eating (even egg)
    2) No Intoxication (alcohol, smoke, tobacco,etc)
    3) No illicit sex
    4) No Gambling.
    By following these principles u will b free from 84,00,000 lakhs of janmas... and the Sins that u have done in past, for that u have to Pray to Chaitanya mahaprabhu. He is the lord of Mercy. They will forgive u for every sin u did in past. but the only thing is u shud never commit that sin again knowingly. and if u want more then u can start chanting the Mahamantra 108 times
    the mahamantra is
    "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna Hare hare,
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare."
    If good Karmas r more than bad then u will not b suffering lakhs of karmas. u will again b having a birth of a Human being. Good Luck

  19. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Archana, My wishes to you. I have seen some person put this query but the answer is not as simple as that- 'Why man has to suffer again after death though it is said he has to pay off for all his sins in Kaliyuga during his life time on this earth?'. Perhaps i have a different answer.

    To ease understanding i say our sins are like instalments, terms and conditions put forth to us by God. We make a choice of it and we take rebirth. God wanted to shape us and that the soul should be free from all sins when the man gets back to a new body. If the soul reaslises from what it had done in his previous janma, it;s next birth is chosen there. After all, god is most powerful he knows what u said was true or just bluffing. Yes, our soul is neither created nor destroyed but it can change it's form right? I hope you guys might have got it. U make a choice, god decides what u made was correct, finally he justifies, give us an opportunity, forgives and offers a new body- The next Janma. U may be a Man, Woman, Cow, Ox, Dog, Pig or cursed. I think i have gone too deep into the top. Here i end. Plz forgive if there are any mistakes crept in. I just wanted to express, Thanks all

  20. I just read n wanna share...Acc 2 karma sidhanta.....
    Aagaamya, Sanchita and Prarabda are the three kinds of karma. There are some karmas that would yield fruit in this same birth; there are some others which would yield fruit only in the ensuing births; there are some karmas which would yield partly in this birth and partly in the ensuing births. This is another division of karma into three parts.

  21. Anonymous1:10 am

    Hi Archana..when we die, it is a death of the body and not soul.., soul is always pure, its the essence of all life. As per this puran there are punishments 4 various sins committed. As per indian sprituality these sins are committed by our unconcious ego even though wilfully committed. whan we do is powered by our ego- the false sense of who we are. garuda puran is the punishment for body but the truth is that we are A SOUL.. if garuda purana is to be followed then Lord Rama Should also be punished by boycotting Sita which comes under - not trusting your wive & leaving her.. plz reply

  22. Anonymous10:36 am

    what if we love somebody who has helped u wen i wanted to end up my life wen husband has troubled to death and got back to husband becoz i departed from the person who helped and whom i loved for various reasons and want to be with him atleast once in a year is wrong . what punishment will i get. i craze is not for sex but real quality love with him,

  23. Anonymous4:04 am

    there is 1 persons called kaal monitaring all these paaps and punyas.he himself gives death to 1,25,000 lives and born 1,00,000 lives. ther is soul whch comes from place called satlok.....kaal is the ruler of this uviverse situated in a our body called manam(solar plexis)..but he cant do anything if a person manage to connect to satlok by meditating for more info connect:


    dhruv patel

  24. great work dear.....whatever may be the reality, but if (in fear) people don't commit all these sins, I think the world would be more peaceful than the SATYUGA too...

  25. Anonymous10:51 am

    what written in garud puran is true.i think you people not exprienced the encidence when a people wrongly taken to the narka
    and after knowing their time not come for death are thrown from the narka.and having the signs of punishment on their real body.this incidence happened with my aunt's neigbour in kadi taluka,mehsana district,state gujarat.

    so archana madam is right proven hear.

  26. Hi archana,
    i hav read all ur data..it was awesome...bt i hav a doubt....wen it comes to adultry, y it has been shown as sin...i mean hav u seen sri aanjineyam movie?? there lord hanuman says that for creating popuplation god has made a samsaram...or els he would have made only men all over the world...but as per ur data commiting any adultery issues may lead to sin n punished..Main thing is i am not married yet but do have romance wid my GF..will dat create a sin tooo...please clarify my doubt and am sry if am wrng in above sentences...
    thank you..

  27. Thank you very much. I was searching for such a translation.

  28. hi archana ,
    i don't know u ....... but the work u had done in this site is appreciable, i just want to salute ur dedication u have given for making this site... and for all those frnds who posted their queries, i just want to tell them that whatever u do , ur atama knows what is wrong and what is right................ and about garur puran i want to say that its purely true and those who do wrong things will get punishment, as they deserve this...............


  29. vartika,sekar,annonymous...Thank You.
    and Mr.sendil plz dnt ask me such questions...i have not grown up till that extent and dont wanna grow in that way all my life...samsaram sodii..i know only 1 tng abt it "samsaram saagaram dhukkam,tasmath jagartha jagartha".

    even i have cn sri anjaneyam movie,i have learnt only good 4m it,itz motivated me 2 gud...i didnt put much attention on the tngs dat hapn btw hero n heroine...itz just 2 attract evn low level ppl 2 c d movie,i feel...
    im am a SELECTIVE LISTENER in one way and ur way is 100% opposite 2 my way.

  30. Friends People have doughts that how a soul can be punished How soul Could get pain etc After our death Our soul will Get a Form called YATANA SARERAM ( Body with 1000 Times sensitive than normal body,elastic body when they cut it fixes but pain remains,when burned wont effect pain remains etc... Specially designed body for defaulters SO be aware vijaychowdary999@gmail.com

  31. great job Archana...

  32. sunil6:29 am

    HI Archana
    Great. After going through all comments, I have something to say . As told by sri krishna bhagavan in Bhagavadgita (telugu),swadarmamu edainanu manchidi kani paradarmamu bayankaramainadi. and also karma cheyuta ende manaku adikaaramu unnadi kaani dani palamu meda kaadu. atlani karma cheyuta maanaradu.
    from this it is clearly understood that whatever one has to do, has to be done. no one can change it. but do everything in the name of god. that tells us what is correct and whai is not. before doing something or before starting some action, just do bhagavan smaran, that really tells us whether we do right or not taht is swadarm. and rest all leave to him. that is we neednot think about sins.

  33. Thank You sunil bhai.Greatly said.Perfect.

  34. Anonymous5:59 am

    i'm very much happy reading data u've presented.... Thank u very much for the great information to perfect myself..

  35. Ranjith kumar1:08 pm

    Archana Iam greatly thankful to you for giving me such valuable knowledge about life. Pls carry on sharing the knowledge of holybooks so that people have changes in there lifes.

  36. Anonymous2:32 am

    A simple question-
    "Garud Puran gives a description about the life after death i.e. to experience all this,you ought to be dead..then on what basis could you conclude all this even though you are living, and not dead?!"
    NOTE : have used the word "you" in general,not to be taken personally.

  37. dear friends,
    everyone expressed how after death we will experience pain with out a body ???
    yes, we can experience, just how we experience our dreams. where we will laugh, cry, smell...and fell the sense as it was real. similarly the NARAK or SWARGAM are the dream stage when we die and take another re-birth. The things what we do in our daily life will be reflected as dreams. Like wise if you do goodthings the dreams are good and they were swargam and in vise-versa
    what you guys say about this ...?

  38. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Hii Archana.. this is praveen. Chaaal a rojula nundi Garuda Puranam chadavaali anukontoo unna but enduko ee roju net mundu undagaa gurthochindi.. Ventane Googling chesthe I got ur blog link..Very Very happy to see yr posts and links. Chaala informative ga unnaii..Naaku chaala doubts unnai may be Garuda Puranam can answer them I feel..if possible mee daggara Garuda Puranam pdf or e-book or Mp3 unte pampistaara plssss...I got one pdf with 11 pages but it is not informative.. Below is my mail id pls pls unte pampinchandi.. grpraveenkumar@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot for ur informative site :)


  39. Anonymous9:50 am

    if Garud Puran holds true,then abiding it's terms and conditions technically even Gods must have faced punishments...!

  40. who is God ? not a stupid (human) like U n me.to have kama,kroda,moha,madha n madyam to SIN !
    God is Power...smetng aboveee ALLL..
    smetng very great energy which is beyond everytng in r univerrse,beyond galaxieS...

    we are unable to find what is Higgs boson...but we speak abt God as if.....wat a fun !

  41. Anonymous6:25 am

    oh then Lord Shankar beheading an elephant and fixing it's head onto His child Lord Ganesh who was also beheaded by Him earlier when gaurding His mother, Parvati ...why couldn't it be considered as a sin then?

  42. itz a boon given 2 elephant by shiva himslef.

    and Lord ganesha is not born from kama as u ,me n all of us now are takng life ...

    godz dont have that Moha (Attachment) for worldly thngs. God is an Energy as per Archana Vedantam's Conscience.my heart doesnt go by the Stories i listn from ppl...

    u better go thrugh the shiva purana or the Concerned text related 2 it,then u dnt get this query.

    In every Sacred story,itz indirecty Xpalind D 'Law of KARMA',& The Power Of GOOD .also role of God.Only that much i understand from the 'katha's i got 2 know.

  43. Anonymous5:11 am

    Madam Archanaji I read your comments and thanx with heart for your nice explanations. But one thing sister What I wish to tell you, You said Para stree calling dear also Maha Papam, dear need not to be lover, even a mother or sister, brother also can be called as dear. Dear will be used with an intention of near heart touching people only. Need not to have bad opinion. Because several times I call my Mum and Dad as my lovely mum and dear dad ok sister.

    Regarding Garuda Puranam you have given a beautiful explanations, I do not know what is your age, and who is your Guru, let me salute to your Great Guru and such a marvellous parents who gave birth like you "Pavithra Athma". Next life is there I bet Almighty to give birth in your Womb. Jai Sri. Ram, Jai Jai Sri. Ram. OM Namo Bhagavathe Vasudeva, Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu.. Lokaa samasthaa sukhino Bhavanthuuu.

  44. VISHAL NAGA RAJ12:10 am

    Hi, Frndz,

    Actually i came to know about all this after watching the Tamil Movie " Anniyan" Vikram Hero,,,,,i think its all true.

    we should not make wrong, trouble anybody, if we able to do good let us do. otherwise should keep quite..

    Vishal Naga Raj

  45. Great Blog! Excellent information was shared and discussed in this blog. Truly, must suggest everyone to follow this blog. Good Work Archana akka.

  46. Very Informative article didi !

  47. There is no doubt and words of appreciation for Archana and all those you have positively commented and have taken time in reading the List Of Punishments for our Sins -- Garuda Purana. It is great to come across such a thing on internet.
    Many a times I have gone mad and silent when I think deeply about God, His aims & ideas of forming this world, creating humans, changing of the various periods (Yugas) Satya - 17,28,000 years, Treta - 12,96,000 years, Dwapar - 8,64,000 years & Kali - 4,32,000 years. On this one can say the life of this world is 43,20,000. Everywhere & to whomever I asked why was there a need of my birth & rebirth? The only answer was because of my sins & deeds. I am still finding it hard to understand how my 1st birth was being possible when there was not a single sin. If we talk about ATMA, why was the ATMA created at all when there wasn’t any existence of it and so no sins.
    Also everything that is taking place on this earth is pre carved & written by power. Many people say we should work hard to get the fruits and better results. However, when I meet great astrologers they tell everything about the past & future like a live match & surprisingly not a minor thing has been incorrect. Lord Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavad-Gita that every human is free to perform actions, he has complete control on his own actions. However, on the other sides, God says without my willingness & permission not the most tiny article can do anything and secondly how can astrology predict everything correctly that will take place in future. One of the most shocking true incidents of my own life, “I was in one of the metros and was jobless for 6 months. My mom visited an astrologer, and he predicted that on the 7 days I will get an excellent job in an international bank, huge pay scale and everyone in our family will be very happy. However, this job will be lost exactly after 7 month without any reason”. There after I will stop believing in God & all religious things for 2 years. Even if someone talks about any of these things I will get angry. During the 2 years I will run away from home for 2 days. You readers might be surprised that everything took place exactly. So any per Gita where is the action for freedom? Everything is per and we are just acting under the hands of GOD. Everyone has his own good & bad lucks.

  48. dear frnds, why to disucuss if you have faith on this, live according to this . If not just live in your own way

  49. dear friends , i trust in OSHO pls go through his book telugu version of "JOY-ANANDAM", What he said belive in this movement how u lives this movement gives u joy do it !!! if not dont!!!! this movement is only real not the past or future. But before enjoying this movement think whether anybody is hurt by you ????

  50. "Sinners are sent to the Various Narakas(Hells) by Yamadharma
    according to their nature and seriousness of their Sins. There is a
    total of 28 Narakas.

    (6) Kalasutram( Hot as hell)- This hell is terribly hot. Those who
    don’t respect their elders esp. when their elders have done their
    duties are sent here. Here they are made to run around in this
    unbearable heat and drop down exhausted from time to time.

    (12) Salmali(Embracing hot images)-This Naraka is intended for men and
    women who have committed adultery. A figure made of iron, heated
    red-hot is placed there. The sinner is forced to embrace it, while
    Yama’s servants flog the victim behind.

    (21) Ayahpanam(Drinking of burning substances)- Those who consume
    alcohol and other intoxicating drinks are sent here. The women are
    forced to drink melted iron in liquid form, whereas the men will be
    forced to drink hot liquid molten lava for every time they consume a
    alcoholic drink in their earthly lives.

    (7) Asitapatram(sharp flogging)- This is the hell in which sinners
    abandon one’s own duty. They are flogged by Yama’s Servants with whips
    made of asipatra (sharp-edged sword-shaped leaves). If they run about
    under the flogging, they will trip over the stones and thorns, to fall
    on their faces. Then they are stabbed with knives until they drop
    unconscious, When they recover, the same process is repeated until
    their time is up in this Naraka.

    (28) Sucimukham(Tortured by needles)- Proud and Miserly people who
    refuse to spend money even for the basic necessities of life, like
    better food or buying food for their relations or friends will find
    their place in this hell. Those who do not repay the money they have
    borrowed will also be cast into this hell. Here, their bodies will be
    constantly be pricked and pierced by needles.

    Sinners who have committed more than one of the sins listed above will
    be sent to all the various hell. once their period for one ends, the
    other will begin. Some of these Narakas have different punishments for
    the same sins.

  51. Anonymous1:41 am

    Hello Archana, i came to know about the Narakas(Hell) of different types by u.
    Do u believe in different types of Hell?
    There is a punishment for Adultery in Puran.
    But what is the definition of Adultery?

  52. Anonymous8:08 pm

    I am bit confused about the punishment he ad to go through bu Garuda puranam dn the birth and living status in the current janmam. If I had gone through all the punishments and pleasure in the hell and heaven why a child born and live in such a bad condition's and other one in so well to do and healthy condition> can you please clear my doubts?

  53. Adultry - acc to my heart ,itz wrong thought,word or deed in relatn to Opposite gender.

    what is wrong - we all have sme inbuilt software inside heart which says,"No this is wrong..." ,which tells us wat all r wrong...

    @ anonymous 2 -
    I believe that we are born to clear our Debts and will go through the Cycle of births..Till all our debts are Cleared...and Final Climax - Once i get 2 know,i will share 4 sure

  54. Chris1:00 am

    Easy to finalise this.....

    If you do good, God will Bless you ,
    If you do bad, God will Blast you,
    if you being kind to everything, Heaven's awaits you at the end,
    if you being evil to everything, Hell is for you till the end,

    Hell on earth is greater than external hell when you are evil.

  55. Very true...Knowing this much is Enough to live in heaven's path..

    1. chetan11:17 pm

      Hi archana
      your comment heven/naraka it show every budy in good path

  56. Ranjith Chiplunkar4:29 am

    nice blog.
    acc to 22 punishment killing animals in sacrifices is a sin. But in many yajnyas animals r sacrificed and their meat is eaten by the acharya. manusmriti says a brahmin can eat non veg only during 3 occasions viz.,during sacrifices, shraddha and another some time indicating animal sacrifices and eating their meat is allowed. And v can c dis in ashwamedha where the horse is killed after the yajnya and also in some yajnya the acharya eats the goats liver which was sacrificed. So doesnt it contradict with what u have told?

  57. Ranjith Chiplunkar4:31 am

    nice blog.
    acc to 22 punishment killing animals in sacrifices is a sin. But in many yajnyas animals r sacrificed and their meat is eaten by the acharya. manusmriti says a brahmin can eat non veg only during 3 occasions viz.,during sacrifices, shraddha and another some time indicating animal sacrifices and eating their meat is allowed. And v can c dis in ashwamedha where the horse is killed after the yajnya and also in some yajnya the acharya eats the goats liver which was sacrificed. So doesnt it contradict with what u have told?

  58. Saurabh10:43 am

    Great work done by you sis Archana by not only providing the information about the life after death as it can be easily accesed on Google merely by typing garun Purana but the platform you provided tothe people to discuss their thoughts and belief is remarkable . I would also like o appreciate your sprit for replying almost each and every question asked by other brothers and sisters.
    For those who are asking the proof of life in Hell as explained in Puran i can just say that Continue doing all the thing in same way as you are doing, you'll get your answer very soon . God bless all

    Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
    Sarve Shantu Nir-Aamayaah |
    Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
    Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
    Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

  59. Saurabh Annaji,

    ThanQ 4 that prayer which means -

    "Om, May All become Happy,
    May All become free from Illness.
    May All see what is Auspicious,
    Let no one Suffer.
    Om Peace, Peace, Peace...."

    I feel it Indirectly says - Peace will b 4 D one whoz free 4m sufferng & illness..and D one who sees Auspicious is free 4m Suffering...and He whoz That is Happy...May we all understand it n Live HAPPY :)

  60. Ranjith JI,

    I dnt feel it is contradictng G.p bcoz i feel they Kill those animals to take their Sin unto their Lives ,wishing it vl have a Human Life after this sacrifise as sme of itz sins are takenaway by Men who do that....
    eg - King Rama n Seeta devi suffered all their Lives but vt their sacifises ,people of that kingdom lived happiely.
    Who perform sacrifises r Purohitas (para+hita - 4 gud of others)

  61. Hello Archana Garu,
    My name is Kiran K guditi, today I was browsing to find more about 'Garuda Purana' and stumbled across your blog. Thank you for posting the information about the Garuda Purana, though I read it some where else before, it was refreshing to read it again.

    In this regard I wish to say a few words which I understand so far...

    * Based on ones actions in this life we reap the the cosequences either in this or next and/or in between lives.
    * Human body is made of gross body + subtle body (Made up of mind, intellegience, ego, soul)
    * Hellish conditions are only there for human beings because we are given the power of free will and if we miss use this freedom we have to pay the price. (animals and plants do not incurr sin due to their nature)
    * So it is true that by default one is destined to suffer in the hellish planets in subtle body form , there is a way as one can avoid if they are sincere in their endeavours.
    * If one believes in the sastras, we can see many examples one of which is the incident of Ajamila in Srimad Bhagavatam. Eventhough Ajamila was born in a brahmin family, due to association with low character woman, he falls down from the mode of goodness and commits many sins. He starts harrasing people, killing animals, stealing, left his wife and started living with this new woman.
    He has many children with this woman and the name of his last child was Narayana.
    When AGamila was old and the death nears him, he sees very big horrifing creatures coming near to him and plan to take him. Horrified.. Ajamila calls for his last and dear son 'Narayana'. These frightning creatures are none other that Yamadutas came to take him to didfferent Narakas. But because he has uttered the name of Narayana even though unknowingly, the four armed Vishnu dutas present themselves and hinder the yamadutas to take him.
    So in this regard , Ajamila was freeded from the yamadutas and he repents for his sins and goes to do the penance.
    In the Srimad Bhagavad gita it is stated that what ever one thinks at the time of death one will attain for sure.
    In this age of kali as we all know is filled with quarrals and hippocracy.
    It is stated in Chaitanya charitamruta - adi lila as follows
    harer nama harer nama
    harer namaiva kevalam
    kalau nasty eva nasty eva
    nasty eva gatir anyatha

    “‘In this Age of Kali there is no other means, no other means, no other means for self-realization than chanting the holy name, chanting the holy name, chanting the holy name of Lord Hari

    * Also in kali santarpana upanishad it is stated the mantra..
    hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare/ hare krishna hare krisha krishna krishna hare hare..

    So if one needs to atone for the sins this is one of the paths... which is recommeded in kali yuga i. e chanting the name of Lord Hari.

    For further information about different lokas please look here


    For furtehr information on death, yamadutas and yamaraja, please see this link.
    By the way you blog is very inspirational, the short stories were touching , also some videos, after seeing the title song of rudra veena , I watched the whole movie today.. than you for the videos too.. all the best in your endeavours, may God give you strength and blessings to achieve what is good for you..

    Your well wisher

    Kiran K Guditi

  62. Thank You so Much Kiran Ji :)

  63. Anonymous10:19 am

    Hey Archana..its an awesmm page 2 knw abt Garuda puranam.. Will people be punished if they break up a relationship?? now a days,it has become very common.. a close friend of mine faced this break up.. she has lied 2 tat guy in terms of her marks tat she scored and that guy broke the relationship bcos she did this?? what kinda punishment is given for such??!! a relationship is not easy!! tat gal still longs fr tat guy.. now who's to b blamed?? tat gal has been cryin for like 2.5 years!! what kinda punishment is meant fr these two??!! will they b punished?? she has lots of faith in God!! hopin tat he ll get bak..!! i pity thm?? hav tat gug commited a great sin??

  64. Lakshmi priya1:28 am

    Archana your really great...
    and this site is very useful for me..
    The person who does the mistake should also accept the punishment...
    the person who eat salt should drink water...!!

  65. venkateswara rao7:45 am

    Namaste Arahcna,
    I thank you for your valuable posting of the Sri.Garuda Purana, various sins to be undergone by the human beings for the bad deeds they perform during their life. But one of the readers raised his doubt without Gods permission even a single ant cant move. But why in some humans case they do these bad deeds. Cant it be stopped without doing? I am not questioning you, but I want to know about it, please tell me, Thank you.

  66. Namaskaram .. :);)

    Yup it is very true that everything v do,god will see,hear and i also feel that he speaks to us as an inner voice, if we listen 2 it we won’t dare 2 do wrong & if we won’t care to Listen, he vl b silent & make us deserve punishment. Simple !

    "But why in some humans case they do these bad deeds "

    God created good, as he created light, heat...etc..Acc 2 Physics, absence of light is darkness, absence of heat is cold, same absence of good thoughts leads 2 bad thoughts(as nature abhors a vacuum),thus bad words & thus bad deeds .All this is bcoz we didn’t listen 2 good said by god. In other words, we sin because we are ignorant of the real means to a good life i.e virtue. Socrates said, there would be no evil if everyone realized that virtue is the only means to the good life. If we could stick together the end and the means - there would be no evil.

    "Cant it be stopped without doing?"
    Yes by making people realize the Truth, by making them come out of the Illusions ...

  67. Hi Archana,

    You are right god has created nature,he created light,he created word,he created the man,He created stars,he created sun, He created moon and many more that we cannot reason it why Those are there. But they are just there in bliss. The one which is created by man(individual) is the thought because of which we are.

    So Mr. Venkateshwar rao ,
    As Swami Vivekananda says that a man makes his journey not from false to truth but from lower level of truth to higher level of truth.

    So here we can apply it as This

    The Thoughts & deeds of individual may takes him from lower level of goodness to higher level of goodness.So these deeds may depend on the intelligence of that individual.Here i need to represent goodness as LOVE ie from lower level of love to higher level of love

    So as the intelligence of that individual increases he/she may travel to higher side else to the lower side if he does no decide wisely. After all we all are bound to the powerful 'karma' which decides the journey of the man.

    I some times might think that all our acts and the nature totally works on PROBABILITY of the KARMA.

    So my intelligence says there is never a thing call good or bad it depends on the intelligence of the individual there is only a thought.

    So i need to say that act according to that time what we feel as our intelligence tells us.

    Note:Correct me if you find anything needed.


    Jai Hanuman.

  68. Venkata Seshikanth Ji,
    Very true...Thanq :)

  69. Hello All,

    I was seeing all ur views/opinions or ur justifications etc etc, but let me tell u all u ppl said is bullshit, absolute bull shit, dnt think i am other religion, i am pure hindu n i pray to shri maha vishnu, but let me tell u dnt be stupid reading after this, Jus beleve only one thng: God doesnt come to help us whereas our fellow beings comes fr us, as frnds as helpers etc etc.. My dad does puja, but he says Ramayanam untha ranku, Mahabharatam untha bhonku.... its fact..My father says other thng also, if one struggles hard for sumthng n if god doesnt gv him that then even god will suffer with the punishment.. Serve the people who r beside u means no one does, but ur ppl r searchin in google etc places, do see ur neighbourhood places they r lot of ppl who can make u God, Go with tht nt with this type of stupid thngs.. Everyday i gv some or the other to the ppl nt bcoz i need punyam/papum, i gv thm bcoz i have n they doesnt have,thts it... I beleve in Karna (gv everythng u have, since u have the ability to get thm back, if u cant gt thm back thn also gv, since gvin is in ur hands, may nt b getting back fr tht bt b rerady to beg n give..i gv to ppl with my left hand when i am eating food, u ppl knw y,( but myt b thinkin wrong of me ryt nw bt), money can change my mind till i move the money from my left hand to right hand, i fear of tht gv as much as i gt to hand and without even noticing i have the money to go hme or nt, i dnt beleve this stupid thngs, do good, god wil cum at ur feet to serve u...

  70. Aryan annaji, I respect u for ur giving heart,but datz not enuf...ur views on r gr8 epics made me tnk u r a stupid,forgive,if im wrong

    One fact is any human who tastes the happiness in giving, will always be pulled 2wards it.'Givng happieness n getng happieness'alone is not enuf.

    there r ppl who r gr8 givers like karna,but remember karna was also killed bcoz of supporting adharma .Helping is a part of being good,not everytng...

    one mre eg,i have seen ppl,karna like but suffered so much before death bcuz of many diseases.Reason - bad habits like drink/smoke/week 4 woman etc.It needs SPIRITUALITY 2 have control over our secret enemies - lust,anger,Greed,Desire and attachment,Jealousy.Please grow up.

  71. Animals can do charitable work. Ants do it. Dogs do it. What is the difference then? Men can be masters of themselves. They can resist the reaction to anything.... The animal cannot resist anything. He is held ... by the string of nature everywhere. That is all the distinction. One is the master of nature, the other the slave of nature. What is nature? The five senses - by Vivekananda

  72. Hey GUYS can anyone tell me that what are the PUNISHMENT for those who do RAPE ,KILL and TORTURE innocent women and girls...??? and even spoil there FACES by ACID? acc to GARUDA PURANA

    1. Its sensitive topic.Suchimukham has an example:ppl with diabetes dependent on insulin have to prick and prick with needle.I feel garuda purana is important to instill good values.

  73. http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/gpu/index.htm

    check it out in d above link yar...

  74. Anonymous1:45 pm

    i dont know but tappu chesthe punishment kachitamga vumtumdi mana namakam manalani munduku nadipisthumdi aathamki boduy lekha poyina manaki dream vachinapudu manam yentha sad ga leda happy ga feel aavuthamo aathama kuda aalage jaragachu jaraga boyidi kontha mandiki mundugane telusthumdi aante mana mind ki yevaro chepinatlu,,,,god vunadu aanedi nijam yeni mathalu bashalu vuna aavi chepidi okadani gurumche kada so aathama shikishimcha baduthumdi body leka poyina tani pani chesthumdi

  75. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Hello anchana... U hav given v interesting info abt the punishments.. N I wanted to say.. Who ever goes behind r trying to know abt these n researching abt these punishments for related sins hav done all mistakes n wrong deeds... N in one of ur replies u said ur not such a grown up to think abt bad things n doesn't want to incline to think if bad... N even u commented on someone who called u dear. This makes clear tht u hav kept some borders to urself in living.. N talking.. But u r not in everyways ready to do gud.. Every1 has their own ways of doing n being gud.. So u can't just say to b this r tht to some one..
    N last but not the least... Every human is doing some r the other bad to oneself r others r any other beings.. So mostly r perfectly every human n animal shud b punished.. The best example is humans cut trees (trees hav life) r use the tree made things for their living.. So everyone wil b punished then .. Which is impossi.. So better stop thinking abt wher r we gonna b r wich punishment u wil b persued .. But live a happy life til u die.. Leave it to death after death.. Ok?
    U wil b first punished for saying opposite things to whoever commented on their views.. Search for tht punishment in Garuda purana r whatsoever written by authors r kavi"s who write these kind of novels out of their over imaginations because of lack of work.. Haha:)

  76. U wil b first punished for saying opposite things ... :( :(

    Priya Dear

    why so much of anger on me ??curse ??OMG !

    hahahaa anyway I love all kinds of feedbak,it helps me grow...Thank You naughty...!

  77. " So u can't just say to b this r tht to some one..Every human is doing some r the other bad "'

    @ priya

    Also darlz...I never said that I am Miss.Perfect or nvr advised any1,to follow me/be like me ,Neverr...I accept ppl as & how d way they are...I am just "ME".

    But what I understood is
    " we may not b 100% Right/perfect but with a desire to be Right,not to err we will be atleast 80-90% and that may bcum the Best in d present world.point to be noted your Honour"

  78. Anonymous4:11 pm

    is there any competition or struggle for facilities in hell?
    is there any facility provided by god for their beloved humans?

  79. Anonymous12:20 pm

    is there any double bed accomodation available?

  80. @ Anonymous - Kindly kick a Truck on its face thatz moving at 100 km/hr..go 2 hel,get to know all informatn and Kindly share it here for all of us....I will b waitng.Thanks in Advance

  81. Anonymous9:32 am

    Good counter:-) I'm a teluguite but still i want to ask people to post comments in either in hindi or english. Because we are not doing telugu mahasabha are we?:-D It might help someone in someway because this is not limited to the people within andhra pradesh.

  82. Anonymous5:15 pm

    hahaha fairy tail man...there is no other religion that islam and all the religion is stolen from the same basic concept of islam. 4 books are revealed by GOD..those are torah,engeele (bible),zuboor and quran..all these are changed by humans time to time and they added there views according to their comfort except quran..thats why quran is the ture words of Almighty God ie nodoubt Allah and there is not a single mistake in it..yes neighter scintifically nor other..and the facts told in the quran is reacently discovered by science..check this out (www.quranmiracles.com) even today nobody could find out a single mistake in it nor they will in future..

  83. baaboi..nanu aapodu,nenu inka chachipota.... " I AM AN INDIAN & KINDNESS IS MY RELIGION "

    water in hindi- pani,telugu - neelu french- eau,sanskrit - paniya,tamil -thanni etc etc same way i believe ..allah to a muslim,krishna to a hindu,jesus to a christian..etc etc....Ommmm

    Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu -"let all the people in the world be happy"

  84. Hi, man can you mail me what type of punishment given in hell, for bad politicians?

    my mail id: nagarajks.ks@gmail.com

    i am waiting for your mail.....

  85. this is the copy http://www.sacredtexts.com/hin/gpu/index.htm

    cant say anytng more

  86. Anonymous4:03 am

    Hey archana,
    i thank u for giving us this valuable information.i have a small doubt please clarify it. Some times when soul left from our body it will not go to their destinated place to fulfill their wants. Is it real or not .does it must go after fullfilling their wants i want clarity in this and please send me the whole list of punishments given to their sins in the hell and mail the ans to my email.(rinku.akhi@gmail.com)

  87. I'm not a Sorcerer yar.Have no idea about it.

    I just got so much impressed by Aparichit/Anniyan Movie..did sme research & Got the Above..My Apologies... :-) :-)

    1. Great work archana.Even I was moved by aparichitudu movie.We follow traffic rules to be safe,same is applicable to our life.Garuda purana is a rule book.

  88. Anonymous5:56 am

    first of all you should know the difference between soul and body. Body is made up of all five thatwas(elements) and it is mortal. But soul (Athma) is immortal and it contains mind, intellect and sanskar. After death the soul leaves the body and take another body(birth). During this time the soul carries mind, intellect and sanskar with it. So the soul is doing the karmas and experiencing the sorrows and happiness of the karmas and body is only an instrument for doing the karma. so where ever the soul go it carries the result of the karma whether in this birth or in another birth.. so everybody(every soul) has to experience the effect of it's karma.. But punishments should be suffered in this human world and not in any of the narakas. And you should understand that everybody is originally soul and not body. We all came from paramdham, the soul world and will return back to our original world after the destruction of this world. Till that time we all will be here in this human world in different different bodies. that is the soul has to take punar janmas till the end of the world.. if you have any doubt visit www.brahmakumaris.com www.brahmakumaris.org Best wishes...

  89. Anonymous2:11 am

    Hi Archana I liked your blog...
    Thanks fr sharing the usefull information...
    I hav One doubt:
    Eating Egg is a sin?
    here am not going harm any animal right den how it's a sin?
    Can u plz Elobarate on dis

  90. Its out of my Pleasure.Thank You :-)

    Lord buddha said itseemz eating meat is not bad if we eat meat after a natural death of an animal ,but if it is killed just for your tastes then its called pap.

    chicken eggs are two kinds, fertile(Zygotic- formed by gamate fusion and therefore are carriers of life) and sterile(eggs which won’t hatch,whch are not fertilised so cannot result in birth of a new animal). It was said that most of the eggs present in market are infertile/sterile.

    In poultry farms, hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines.They are injected with hormones to produce more. Battery hens develop the severe osteoporosis of intensive confinement know as caged layer fatigue.The hens are confined to a narrow space of 15″ x 19″, housed in small-congested cages known as chickenhavens. Due to shortage of space, they become violent, offensive, obsessed and quarrelsome. They attack one another in a barbarous manner. So they are de-beaked. The de-beaking is done in brown light, especially during the night when hens become almost blind. The lower beak is cut. If there happens any mistake , the hen is deprived of food for the rest of her life. Due to de-beaking, they are unable even to drink water.The hen has to starve at least for three days due to the wounded beak. Calcium depleted, millions of hens become paralyzed and die of hunger and thirst.Right from the rearing of hens to the hatching of their eggs, there is so much of violence.

    Wouldn’t this act of cruelty affect the egg-eater ?? In most commercial farms, all the male chicks are killed at birth and the female hens are killed prematurely, so by buying commercial eggs,
    are we not supporting that process.??
    were some of questions we have to Think of...

    I feel Nobody can Perfectly guide Anybody.We all have to Activate our wisdom's ,sharpen our minds...and Question our own self for anything & everything...
    Is what am choosing is right?? why am i choosing it ?
    Is there any possibility of guilt bcoz of it in my life?

    And Must Do whatever our consciousness says ..Ommmm

  91. Anonymous8:29 pm

    You lived true to your tag line of killing others with your blog. Wish you more hits in the future!

  92. Archana Vedantam3:22 pm

    haha ...Thank you thank you....Its my hobby to warn before taking illegal action...

  93. lord krishna acted against our darmic principle 1 husband 1 wife.He escaped
    from sins.Lord indra likes.Lord chandraHis first lover, Tara, was the wife of Brihaspati, the planet Jupiter,Lord saturn incurred sin for punishing people.But he did not
    punish himself for that sin rather
    prayed and escaped from that sin.Lord
    rams children fought with ram
    got sin but escaped from it.

    My bottom line is if we commit sin god is punishing us,but if he commits sins he escases from.
    This is divine injustice.To suffer for our sin is not wrong but greatest wrong thing we did was allow ourselfs to be controlled and punished by unqualified beings.Sorry if i was harsh

  94. hahahaaa.. Dharma is Above ALL....Nothing & None can escape from it. ..Nature will take its own course..."Satyameva Jayate",,Vaimaye Vellum (Truth Alone Triumphs)

  95. Anonymous1:03 pm

    vasantji,u cannot compare god with human,human r only rascal

  96. Anonymous8:31 am

    after reading all these im just not sure what is true and not true is seems like a greek epic do u really think that if people died they go to hell and be punished by animals come on!!! after dead there is nothing left maybe your soul but what happens after no one knows in these enlightened time its a little hard to believe that such a punischment will exist in the after live.
    these punishments is created by the saddoes imagination in the past to keep the caste system intact. as we all know the rich want to rules over the poor and keep them oppress these is what we see happens time after time.thank god there is some changing in the thinking now a days people thinks further than what they see or told is thrue but we have a long way to go so think think and think before u start believing

  97. " think think and think " Yesss :-) :-) :-)

  98. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Thank you very much Archana for this valuable information... It changed my way of living...

    Jose Paul

  99. You made my day with such a comment..." i'm feeling good " :-) Thank you sooooooo Much

  100. Only your Master (Guru) can protect you from all this ......

  101. After death the physical body changes into astral body and depending upon the pava and punya of the person
    the astral body goes through various hardships that cannot be under gone inthe materialworld before taking another birth. The soul itself selects the nature of birth . We have come across manyincidents where a person is able to recall his previous birth. To avoid the birth death cycle we have been ordained to surrender bothgood and unavoidable karmas to the Almighty.

  102. In this materialistic world no one is perfect..everyone do sins,wrong things.In order to get rid from all this hell punishments you should surrender supreme god,hv sincere devotion..while doing devotion u must give up ur ego.All actions whether good or bad are done by body, senses, mind, intellect & ego. If one realizes oneself as beyond these, then even if body-mind complex has to bear the consequences, the person doesn’t enjoy/suffer anymore. He regards one’s own body as if another’s. He just witnesses the good or bad consequences but doesn’t become involved in them.1
    reference bhagvad geeta.

  103. and about salvation,moksha we get moksha only when the positive & negative karmas are balanced, in which case no need to born again which is called Moksha.
    The easiest way to attain Moksha is to kill our EGO which means I am not the doer of any karma as it is divine command, I follow in which case no positive/negative karma for which I need to be born. As I am not the doer but God is, God takes all positive negative effects of karmas and mybalance is zero-no need to be born but mingles with almighty which salvaion/moksha/nirvana/mukthi..

    btw this blog is awesome and interesting..thank u to owner of this blog..
    it inspires me1

  104. :-) :-) Thank you somuch...

  105. dear all readers of the blog please note one thing god is not in the form of mass god is in the form of energy all the things said by the garudapuranam are created ones by the saints in olden days why because the human beings are allways wont listen the others good talks hence the saints created the things as garudapuranam to keep fear in the human beings then my simple question is the garudapuranam is only for humans then what about the animals.

  106. Hi,

    Happy to see this devotee blog and thanks for continuously responding to readers query's.I have few Querys.

    My Brother Passed away in 2003(22nd Age).He Was Very good follower of devotee,work dedicated person and helping to the needed people.I feel always very great about him.My Mother also passed away in 2011.I am missing them.1) Why this happens to my life ?
    2) Is there any hope that i can meet them again after my death ?.


  107. Annaji

    I can understand the pain you are going through.I too had got such questions in my mind when my cousin Manaswitha akka Left me.That pain is still there in me and it is something which never goes off as long as I’m alive & My sister Bhavana is a born downsyndrome child.

    These things doesn’t happen only to some unfortunate people.Infact happens to every human being. We are not unfortunate Annaji.Every Human being in this world irrespective of what he is must face all kinds of pains in his life. Budha Ji says Avoid pain because it doesn't feel good. Avoid anything that doesn’t make you feel good or make you grow. He never said that there was an end to pain. He Just said abt 'an end to sufferings' because the truth is pain is inevitable but suffering is optional,as Pain is something world does to us & suffering is what we do to our self ". Only Unrealized pain becomes suffering.

    We all know that there are no guarantees in life. Life cannot go the way we want all the time. The best we can do is to accept what we have no control over to avoid suffering.Always We have to accept what we can’t change & change what we can.

    A Holy man Sudhir ji said that Our knowledge of spiritual literature will help us to face all kinds of pains without suffering. He says there is something called Prarabdha karma ,it is about the cycle of causes and effects that are allocated to be worked out in this human form for every individual, Thus, for any individual realized or otherwise, dissolution of prarabdha means death of the body. Put in other way, to be alive, one needs atleast a pinch of residual Prarabdha left. When one's prarabdha is completed, consciousness moves out of the body.

    He also says that the realized individual experimentally understands that he is that which is unborn and ever free, which is more sharply said in bhagavad geeta. Prarabdha can’t even touch such a person. Bondage and sufferings that were earlier perceived will be understood by him as illusory,dreamlike & False as Consciousness that was identified with the body-mind-ego in ignorance finally gets freed up when knowledge dawns in him.

    He says always a good balance between reason and emotion is required to function effectively in life. An important aspect of spiritual maturity is achieving greater balance between mind and heart, where there is detachment but not indifference, love but not personal attachment.

    " Is there any hope that i can meet them again after my death ? "

    I wish,I pray that you block these thoughts in your mind Kindly and do as many good things as possible on their name.

    I wish Lord Krishna blesses you to be a Sthitaprajna.Ommmm


  108. bhagavad gita says give up aasakti (attachment,infactuation),wish to
    meet our relatives who are not alive..such attachment will distract
    you from your duties..it causes obstruction in pure
    don't leave in materialistic world..just go spiritual...
    mother,father,brother,son..this all are mayas..Created by five organs and mind..
    you should have wish to meet supreme lord..

    solutions of all problems are in bhagavad geeta..& bhagavat purana.

  109. Srinivas Anna
    I know...its all easier said than done... Be busy always & PLEASE Take care of Yourself.

  110. Archana Sister,Suraj Kokate

    Thanks for your suggestions.I am doing regular duties all the time by the grace of god.I always happy to feel that God is next to me to protect always. Even-though in my mind I always try to analyze the things happens to soul after leaving the body.In my little bit of analyzing (after going Bhagavatham/kuran)i got some frame like:Once Soul satisfy by the god ,Soul will have assigned duties by god .So if you can share some more info about SwargaLoka Details.?
    Thanks Srinivas

  111. If he is a righteous guy & u r fine with your mental ability to understand and discriminate things......Afaik,No sin will haunt you. Best wishes.. :)

  112. Priya Dear,Their anger is just....its bcoz you have broken their trust ...watevr ..They are your parents yar,they love u so much,so dont worry everything will set with time...Just have some patience

    Firstly get to know all the reasons for not accepting him.If caste is the ONLY snag,i'm on ur side,you are not wrong.

    2nd..how r u calng it "TRUE" love?? On what basis?? Can he become a Millionaire for you like in movies?? At least a hard worker with sane mind,good career & character ? is he a man of responsibility & integrity?Is he a right choice to have ur children with his genes ?

    My advice to you is to push aside All EMOTIONS and think with clear,calm & rational mind ! Everything will be fine at the end.if it is not fine,its just a bend & not an end...All d best,take care

  113. Thatz great yar...8 yrs is not a short time...Don't even have a thought to go back...watevr may come in ur way ,deal it with belief & confidence on yourself....struggling is natures way of strengthening,we need pain to grow in life.Have patience,be brave & mentally strong alwaz...I wish both of u to have the love you feel today forever,may u both grow old and happy together....Best wishes sweety :-)

  114. :)Alwaz my pleasure...Best wishes..

  115. hey archana..We consider eating non veg a sin coz animals are killed.But again vegetarians do commit the sin of taking away vegetables and leaves from plants...plants do have a life right..is that not a sin? moreover for the eco system to get balanced and for survival both vegetarians and non vegetarians have to continue their way of eating ..pls clarify

  116. Priya,

    I have learnt that it is not wrong to eat plants for the same reason that it is not wrong to kill bacteria. Everyday we kill thousands of bacteria,but we are not causing them any pain as they don't have complex nervous system.Pain by definition is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience.Humans can experience pain as the neocortex of our brain plays the central role in giving pain sense and it has been argued that any species lacking this structure will therefore be incapable of feeling pain.

    We Humans are social animals belonging to the same Animal kingdom.All vegetarians have awareness that the Animals have the same organs that we do & feel just like us.They have a brain that registers pain ,fear, happiness or pleasure.While killing them,their body releases adrenaline hormone, which is the same fight or flight response that we humans possess.This adrenaline is out of pure fear and when you consume meat, you are consuming fear, pain, suffering, rage, anger, helplessness, hopelessness and anguish.So vegans believe that ingesting a dead body, invites death into your mind, body and spirit,thus reduces the satvik gunas hence they say one cannot progress spiritually by consuming dead energy.The imp. distinguishing characteristic between animals and bacteria like cells is that animals are conscious beings capable of feeling pain.They are capable of feeling happiness, joy, and sorrow.They are capable of feeling a desire to live.Bacteria, on the other hand, just like plants, and just like rocks, do not possess anything similar to such nervous system & so not capable of feeling pain or suffering.

    Take for eg,when you kick a rock, you do not have to worry about whether or not you are inflicting suffering on the rock, since rocks are incapable of such feelings.It is for this reason that it is not immoral to kick rocks, and it is for this same reason they say that it is not immoral to eat plants.

  117. Anonymous9:56 am

    If you guys get a chance you should read Yama Dand (Punishments from Yama - the God of Hell). This book is written by one of the Lord Swaminarayan's saint who went into hell just to see what are the punishments given to sinners for the various type of sins they did during their lifetime on earth.

    Details on: http://www.swaminarayan.nu/yamdund/yamdand.html


  119. Hi Archana

    Please let me know the syaing :"good people will die soon and bad people will stay longer"Is it true?

  120. Hii :-)

    yar people die for various reasons at different ages.it's just the way it is & I opine that it is not right to think that bad people will die late & good will die young. May be the job of good peoples is served earlier in most cases...There are however many good people who lived long like Mother Teresa,died @ 87 etc..

    I read that "Complete expiration of a man's prarabdha karma causes death to his body i.e to be alive, one needs atleast a pinch of residual Prarabdha left & When one's prarabdha is completed, consciousness moves out of the body " So the saying is not always right..

  121. Sandeep Menon3:23 am

    Hi Archana

    This is just a folklore created by our ancestors to bring fear in minds of individuals so that they live as good humans and do good deeds.

    Once the prana leaves the sukshma sharir then there is no question of it going to swarga or naraka or maybe to a diff dimensions. Its just fantasy.

    Great maharishis have explained about life beyond death.Read the book by Swami Abhedananda "Life Beyond Death". Watch this video where Sadhguru is interviewed by Shekar Kapur . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2tL4pgY-b8

    There is no individuality once the prana leaves the body...Anyways thanks for sharing the info its fun to read it

  122. Nothing is Certain Ji...how can u say it is a folklore ? & How can i confirm & say it is True ?? Budha Ji said Doubt everything & Find your own light..yes i too follow these words..along with belief on god/belief on good.

  123. Anonymous1:00 am

    Sometimes, we think bad of someone but we do not act upon it... so will it be considered as a sin?? I mean suppose I dont want my friend to become rich and think of some bad karma... but later I changed my mind that let him/her get rich and crack a specific deal... so in this case, I only thought of bad karma but did not act upon it... will it be considered as a sin??

  124. Yes Yaar,

    Because your thoughts have Power. A ‘ Thought ’ is also a force that exists in our universe. Every thought we have is a tangible energy with the power to transform anything. A ‘ thought ’ is just not only a thing,its something that can influence many other things

    I have read that Gary Schwartz,PHD,psychologist with his colleagues made an experiment scientifically & revealed some fundamental things about the quantum nature of thoughts and intentions. They have proved that human beings are both receivers and transmitters of quantum signals. The directed intentions of humans manifests itself as both electrical and magnetic energy and can produce an ordered stream of photons that are also visible and measurable by a sensitive equipment.

  125. World changes only if the change start with self....Punishments cannot change the fixed attitudes & wrong beliefs

  126. The list of countries that were bombed by the United States under the pretext of establishing democracy since the end of World War II:
    1.China 1945-1946
    2.Korea 1950-1953
    3.China 1950-1953
    4.Guatemala 1954
    5.Indonesia 1958
    6.Cuba 1959-1960
    7.Guatemala 1960
    8.Belgian Congo 1964
    9.Guatemala 1964
    10.Dominican Republic 1965-1966
    11.Peru 1965
    12.Laos 1964-1973
    13.Vietnam 1961-1973
    14.Cambodia 1969-1970
    15.Guatemala 1967-1969
    16.Lebanon 1982-1984
    17.Grenada 1983-1984
    18.Libya 1986
    19.El Salvador 1981-1992
    20.Nicaragua 1981-1990
    21.Iran 1987-1988
    22.Libya 1989
    23.Panama 1989-1990
    24.Iraq 1991
    25.Kuwait 1991
    26.Somalia 1992-1994
    27.Bosnia 1995
    28.Iran, 1998
    29.Sudan, 1998
    30.Afghanistan, 1998
    31.Serbia 1999
    32.Afghanistan, 2001
    33.Iraq in 2003
    the RESULT WAS ZERO... big '0' ZERO - none of those countries established democracy till now!
    (copied from net )

  127. Why do people get tempted into acts termed as sin? If God is just testing us I think it is not fair.. Can I show chocolate to a child and expect them to refuse. Sex is a natural instinct in all.. Can a person deprived still be pious. For cruel acts of violence greed and conscious harm I can understand since these are not natural or we would see mass cases of such occurrences

  128. Huwoman11:17 am

    Why do people get tempted into acts termed as sin? If God is just testing us I think it is not fair
    →→→ Because they have nothing to stand for....Soh they are vulnerable & thence can fall for anything.....
    →→→ Evil spirits gain influence through the doorways that are opened by us or by our people.

    Can I show chocolate to a child and expect them to refuse?
    →→→ pour cyanide on it & give, still she wont refuse...and what a pity even if adults also live with the same state of mind???

    Sex is a natural instinct in all.. Can a person deprived still be pious ? →→→

    heheee....Yes I....9503 days old young adult.... still alive on earth.. Also there are MANY like me...
    →→→ holy CHANTING helps most of the times ...
    →→→ more busy ~ more productivity ~ less emotional imbalances...
    Itz a matter of one's Priorities and Choices

  129. Most of us would have definitely committed activities which will lead us to Hellish planets. The only solution is as Krishna says in Geetha "Sarva dharman parityajya"- Give up all kinds of religion and surrender unto me. I will deliver you from all sinful reactions, Do not fear.

    So the practical way of attoning for our sins is going forward do not violate the major four regulative principles:
    1.No meat eating including fish and egg
    2.No gambling including stock exchange
    3.No intoxication inlcuindg coffee,tea
    4.No illicit sex,extra marital and pre marital sex.
    and Practice sincerely
    1.Chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna/Vishnu.
    2.Eat Prasada offered to Vishnu.
    3.Do as much devotional service,charity in devotion etc.

  130. The same question asked by HUMAN was asked by Arjuna to Sri Krishna

    Arjuna said: O descendant of Vṛṣṇi, by what is one impelled to sinful acts, even unwillingly, as if engaged by force?

    And Lord Sri Krishna replied :
    It is lust only, Arjuna, which is born of contact with the material mode of passion and later transformed into wrath, and which is the all-devouring sinful enemy of this world.

    He keeps explaining further about Lust and its charactersitics.

    We can not overcome Lust with our own effort , all of a sudden.So one can ful fil his desires only with his Dharma patni ,Wife following some rules and regulations

  131. Dear Sandeep,

    Even in this very body, the experience of Pain and pleasure comes due to the presence of the soul. For a dead body no sense or feeling will be there.

    Once the person i.e the spirit soul leaves this body, he is given a sutable body to experience the pains and pleasures in heaven and hell and these bodies are of subtle in nature and the individual soul very well experiences them.

  132. Krishna says in Geetha:
    Mama Maya durathyaya ,

    This Maya energy called Lust is impossible to overcome.

    Again he says,

    For the person who surrenders unto him, he will give the knowledge and strength to overcome this .

    Always we should be humble and meek and submissive at the lotus feet of Spiritual master and the Lord

  133. huwoman8:56 am

    Agreed :) :)

  134. For the question from Anonymous -"Sometimes, we think bad of someone but we do not act upon it... so will it be considered as a sin?? I mean suppose I dont want my friend to become rich and think of some bad karma... but later I changed my mind that let him/her get rich and crack a specific deal... so in this case, I only thought of bad karma but did not act upon it... will it be considered as a sin??

    The answer is

    In the other Yugas even a bad action committed a mental level i.e bad thought was considered as good as practically doing it and equal punishment is awarded.

    But in Kali yuga, the people are so fallen that easily they get to think of doing bad or kind of bad thoughts.

    So there is an exemption for kali Yuga people. Only when something bad is performed practically , the equivalent amount of Reaction is awarded, otherwise the reaction is minimal.

  135. Brian Tracy Ji [Born: January 5, 1944 (age 70)] says about
    ~ Law of Cause and Effect ~ calling it as Universal Law of human destiny..a/c to whch -
    " Thoughts are causes & conditions are its Effects "

    Karma sidhanta of hindhuism says "Actions are secondary, intention is primary as it is the first seed of any bad action "

    Law of universal attraction says "the way 'U think' leads to the way 'U feel' which finally leads to 'what U attract into ur life'..

  136. Anonymous2:33 am

    If we are a true seeker of truth...first we must be truthful to ourselves.....admitting that "I don't know" is the first step in spirituality.....I can't find that truthful attitude with the owner of the thread and with most of the participants too......just answering the questions with ur accumulated knowledge is like licking others vomit......answers that comes from one's own experience is sensible and truthful. .......archana u have not experienced hell,heaven, soul,karma..etc....u just vomit what scriptures say...what sidartha said...what shankara said....I am amazed why u r not willing to admit that u don't know.......it just shows u wanna blow ur trumphet and boast on ur Scripture knowledge.....which I say is futile and just a reflection of ur ego.....plsss dont decieve urself and others too......spirituality is an individual process....its in hands of each individual to work on salvation. .....dont keep answering for people's insecurities and fear.....when u truly reach the core and become enlightened ...plss declare it.....I will become ur first disciple

    1. Durga Velli2:15 pm

      Hello true seeker... Can you declare sharing knowledge is different. .. what you thinking if feel like some one vomit. Even you did the same thing reading this blog and what you learned from your teachers and other people. Yes Ms. Archana not experience hell nor heaven but what she know what she read posted here from her knowledge. It is not compulsory to follow what she suggested or advised nor insisted to any one.

    2. There is no need to invent the wheel which is already invented...eg scriptures...did u came from ur mothers womb with all knowlesge & wisdom? U r also gained knowledge & wisdom by the same method of liking the vommitings of ur mother..father...guru...&everything around you...gnanam comes from gnana margam?just as u...me...and all in the world attain gnan in the same way

  137. wow..Thank you much dear..i am indebted to you :)

  138. I USE NOT ONLY MY brain, but ALL the BRAINS that I CAN BORROW _/\_ amen !

  139. Hi Archana,

    I need GarudaPuranam book in Telugu version.
    Its just for the sake of reading my Grand Parents.
    if possible can you please provide any link to download or suggest any other way.

    Thanks in advance..


  140. Pavantilak Sadaraboina Ji,

    i guess only 11 pages of online pdf is available for free - this is the link for it - http://www.allbookez.com/pdf/489f6p/

    you can also find some greatly presented videos in youtube :)

    Thank you !

  141. @ Sowji


    With Infinite Love & Gratitude !

  142. Anonymous2:00 am

    Would u please clarify my doubt about alcohol consumption. If consumed in a controlled manner is it a sin? Bcoz if u won't harm anyone how is it a sin. When consumed in a limit it doesn't even harm u. It's good for health. Only when consumed out of limit it harms you and possibly harms others. Could u pls explain?

  143. Bcoz if u won't harm anyone how is it a sin ?

    Bcz he surely will end up harming himself and even others


    Acc. To Buddha :- Feelings as the base, craving arises;craving as the base, attachment arises;attachment as the base, the process of becoming arise which causes sorrow, lamentation,physical & mental sufferings & tribulations.

    Acc. To Geeta :- Craving is a strong desires that people have for pleasing their senses and Anything that stimulates senses or feelings can lead to craving which causes suffering .

    The word Craving means a strong desire that if unfulfilled, produces a powerful physical and mental suffering.

    Now,a person who starts having alcohol today ... even moderately as u said ...will most likely start craving for it tomorrow

    Scientific reason – Our body is like a Chemical Laboratory.Every single thing we intake causes some action & reaction inside. The alcohol Addiction in humans is because of an ‘enzyme malfunctioning’ in the liver .The alcohol that goes into you today & not tomorrow causes ‘enzyme malfunction’ which results in build up of a substance called acetaldehyde throughout the body. In the brain, these large amounts of acetaldehyde interact with the brain amines to create the substances called isoquinolines. These substances trigger the alcoholic’s need to drink more and more alcohol to counter the painful effects of the progressive build up of acetaldehyde.

    So men progressively lose control over their drinking limits. They slowly with time start drinking more than intended and this continues despite extremely punishing consequences.

    The alcoholic’s enzymes, hormones, genes, and brain chemistry work together to create deep cravings for alcohol & thus they become powerless in controlling the desire.

    When we want something strong enough, it is natural that we’ll do anything to get it....sometimes at the expense of our bodies, brains, Money & relationships isn’t it?

    German scientists latest research reveals that even extremely moderate amounts of alcohol intake can cause distinct changes in certain physiological functions which under certain circumstances become injurious to the body....

    If ¼ to ½ ounce of an alcohol is taken, the time occupied in making response to a signal in Brain gets slightly shortened. Alcohol in moderate amount also causes increase in the excretion of uric acid & this effect can be seen almost immediately after its consumption

    Bhagavad Geeta says we can control our mind only by Abhyasa & Vairagya.
    Viragya means being detached to sensual objects.So,
    One can drink even 30 litres of alcohol/day lol.. if he is certain that he never gets attached to it but Is it possible??

    If consumed in a controlled manner is it a sin?
    Yes, It is a sin – Sri Garuda puranam punishment – Ayahpanam (Drinking of burning substances)- Those who consume alcohol and other intoxicating drinks are sent here. The women are forced to drink melted iron in liquid form, whereas the men will be forced to drink hot liquid molten lava.

  144. Anonymous7:26 am

    Why does God sometimes force us to do wrong things? e.g. dharmaraya had a visit to naraka only for telling a 'lie' and lord himself had suggested him to 'lie' in the battlefield.
    There are many such instances for adharma should be dealt by adharma.eg:the way bheema kills duryodhana..how much can it imply to us? Would that mean we could do wrong for people who are not in 'nyaaya' line?!
    And one more doubt regarding the fact that "even a leaf to slightly move has to have permission of god".is this true? why most of the people are into wrong deeds?

  145. *#* Why does God sometimes force us to do wrong things? e.g. dharmaraya had a visit to naraka only for telling a 'lie' and lord himself had suggested him to 'lie' in the battlefield.

    *#* An action done for the good of society at large is “ good “ - righteous. Isn’t it?
    So u got the answer ! for more clarity – check out this – [http://archanavedantam.blogspot.in/2013/04/relative-truth-vs-absolute.html]

    Like Suppose you are in a forest and you see a deer running in fear at your left. A hunter comes soon after & asks you “ where the deer went ? “ & you point to right as to save the poor deer.

    Now you judge this by his action or by intent ?

    *#* There are many such instances for adharma should be dealt by adharma.eg:the way bheema kills duryodhana..

    *#* NO.A man whoz like a Buddha/Jesus/Rama/Zen or any liberated soul –A perfect karmayogi,who does things only for god /for the good of all world will do have that discretionary wisdom. so it is not right on our part to judge their acts as wrong / adharmic :(

    *#* how much can it imply to us?

    *#* 100% when you or I become such a yogi

    Would that mean we could do wrong for people who are not in 'nyaaya' line?

    *#* BIG NOOOOOOO. If a snake bites you... would you bite it back in retaliation ?

    *#*"even a leaf to slightly move has to have permission of god".is this true?

    Read the same in books.

    *#* why most of the people are into wrong deeds?

    *#* Because they are stupids..hehehee
    Acc. to Socrates, No one does ‘wrong’ voluntarily. Evil is the result of ignorance. If people knew what was the right thing to do they would do it. We always choose what we think is the best or good for us. So, if someone chooses to do what we think is wrong, then that person made a mistake and must be educated to see the error. They MISTOOK evil for good. The wrong doers think that there is something good in doing the evil acts like they think it will do good ONLY FOR them atleast & SO, they do it. They do it because they mistake the evil act as a good act in some way or the other. As,the humans are choosing organisms, they choose the option that appears to be good for them among the choices available. When they choose what other people call evil it is because they do not agree that it is evil.

  146. super awesome queries...Please try asking the same to people better than me and im sure that you will get terrific clarity.

    and kindly frwd to me as well :) :)
    Thank you so much <3 <3

  147. it is said dat our fate is written by lord brahma and there is a saying that..."sivudi aagnya lenide cheema ina kuttadu "...so whatever v do is written by brahma and sivas aagnya.... then if v do according to our fate written by brahma...how r v supposed to be punished.....??????

  148. darling ...stating creator as the reason for all evil & darkness is little like sayng Wright brothers are the reasons for all aeroplane crashes :p

    good question :)

  149. Hai friends
    Really we dont know , sargam&narkam is there or not there but we wil do good&be good what do u say about this frnzs......?

  150. ya.ok..aa paralokamunandu unna mana prabhuvu manalanu kapadu gaka..Amen !

  151. Anonymous4:49 am

    I think Adharma should be dealth with adharma only...

    Check out this in google -
    A Judge who ordered Saddam's death got executed by ISIS


    Here adharma got dealt by dharma(legal prosecution),

    and see the result ??

  152. Hi Anonymous,

    Dharma and adharma are not what we Think.It is above our thought.we are not living in the present rather make our judgement through our small past accumulated knowledge.we are mostly prejudiced and always try to search holes in others rather than ours.with what authority can we decide what dharma and adharma are.

    According to Indian Scriptures Dharma may change according to time space and cause.More over there is a difference between dharma and nyaya.
    Nyaya is completely different from dharma.First we need to understand the concepts rather making a judgement/statement.

    Dharma cannot be understood merely reading any books . It is away of living life without a conflict with one self and the extrnal world other the what we think as self

  153. ✔ :) small corctn..please do not mind "According to Indian Scriptures Dharma may change according to time space and cause " ...

    AFAIK ➳ something tat is universal & eternal cannot be subjective eg. " Truths " - Basic principles like love,loyalty,good conduct etc never change with time,calender,religion,region,race,gender,ethnicity etc

    ★ Thank you ★

  154. Hi,
    Dear Archana,
    I am curious to know what exactly you mean about principles .
    Are these any set of rules that need to be followed to lead life without any conflict.
    if I try to lead life according to any principle there must be definitely a conflict or fear or some sort of disorder in me.

    Life is in being not the becoming.

    Becoming is always a conflict between our present state and what I want to be according to someone/something ,due to which conflict arises .

    Truth always is what my perception is. In life my travel is from lower truth to higher truth.this must be at level of experience not at intellectual level.As my perception and understanding of truth expands my understanding of truth will also broadens.

    I try to explain with an example try to understand.Sun rises in the east.this statement is true when I see the sun from the earth but, when I see sun from an outer space what would be my perception? Is it same? AS MY understanding broadens My truth will change with a Broader perspective.

    So Truth is at a level of perception of an individual, the level of my Understanding but I always try to broaden my perception towards ultimate truth.


  155. Request To all Brothers & Sisters of Planet Earth...

    Please Do not ask me ADULT queries..I am not Lady samaram (╥﹏╥)i can neither post such comments Nor reply to them.


    Thank you,

  156. Whether swarga or naraka exists, but still ,whatever dat is said in puranas etc makes us follow right path... wen every individual follows this obviously there wl be nil sufferings.. this is is main aim of all our scriptures.. ayurveda too highlights the same.. it gives the same opinion on intake of madhya or maamsa too.. just for taste nothing should be harmed.. a condition wen it is necessary in aspect for life saving, only then it can be consumed. Not for pleasure...

  157. :) Thank you suma mam :)

  158. Hi archana didi
    My mom died on 31 july she died because of cancer she suffered every inch of her life she was completely in bed .last 7 to8 months she suffered alot dhe lived only for me .she struggled for me.she left me at her 39 age .I am only 19 years .can I get back my lovely mother. Wat can I do for her. I know she is in heaven with god ..
    Plz reply me fst......

  159. Hey my little sweet brother,

    Please do not suffer by the emotional bondages. Please do not become a prey of emotive traps- REQUEST

    You be bold & take care of yourself & your family members too

    Bhagavad geeta says “righteous people who lose their physical bodies receive superior physical bodies in the heavenly spheres of blessedness. It is like discarding old, used, worn out clothes and dressing oneself in fresh, new & radiant clothes “ and then

    karma theory, Says through the process of suffering, gradual purification happens which blesses a human to become much more higher

    can I get back my lovely mother?
    Possible,may be as your future daughter.

    Wat can I do for her ?

    Yes, she is in heaven and watching you too...Make her wishes about you come true. Achieve great heights in your life and make ur mom’s name, mom’s genes majestic. You will have all her blessings from the heavens.

    Take good care of yourself
    Affectionately Didi,
    Archana vedantam

  160. Anonymous3:39 pm

    hi Archana,
    i want to ask you one question because i am so confused abt this question please help me this topic.
    my que is-
    can u please ans this query

  161. Hii,


    for eg. In the previous birth,a person 'Y' a cheater cock had stolen his friend's hard earned property and murdered him.so now,in this life,tat friend comes back to collect his money from 'Y' along with the compound interest.May be in the form of Y's ...girl friend,psyco husband,boyfrind,schizoid wife etc.

    Thus in this life ' y ' is bound to pay him back according to his computed karmic debt.

    here,YES hell punishes ' Y ' for his acts of treachery but he must also clear his karmic debts with his friend whom he had murdered right? so both shal take life again and have love for each other to eventually clear all their past life pending deals :-)

    ...as said ..
    Runanubhanda Rupena Pashu Patni Suta Aalaya,Runakshaye Kshyayaanthi Tatra Parivedana

    Cattle, wife, children, and home are all the results of past life bondages.So,Once the debt gets refunded,those relationships end and thus the sufferings in this Samsara also ends ..

    [p.s my knowledge on these things is limited,please correct me whereever needed,thank you]

  162. Anonymous1:35 pm

    When destination is same how can paths be different? Or is it that destinations are different?vaishnav, shaiva, Islam, Christianity...
    Could there be all those different destinations! !?
    But it's perfectly true that God is only one.but how come different ways to reach him.some of these ways contradict each other.e.g. dvaita n advaita.So conclusion is not all paths lead towards Him.Please convey your opinion.

  163. Ji,

    I do not know the destination but I see it as ONE single OCEAN where rivers from different directions,different ways of life & different paths come into it & merges finally to become ONE in that 1 ocean. To me,sabka malik ek hein & i see him as god,call him as god !

    When asked which religion is superior for a man to follow? Guru Nanak ji replied

    “Without good actions both will suffer It is the deeds & not religion that makes a man ” - TRUTH

    The outward show of good actions means nothing if a person is evil at heart. Our good deeds are our true friends and help us not only in this world but also after death. Evil actions make our mind dirty and lead to sufferings in this world as well as in the next world

    Being moral is a matter of being rational which means: looking at the facts of reality, discovering the requirements of our life and long-term happiness, producing the values that support and enhance our life, and enjoying the process of living as a human being.

    An action either promotes a person’s life and long-term happiness or it does not. If it does it is virtuous; if it does not, it is not.
    --- @ same concept i have read frm most of the saints & from many religions and religious books.
    [there is sometng called absolute & relative..
    ### Absolute good –> does good at long term –> ethical things & relative good ~ gud to u now but causes suffering ~ long term ]

    Words of Sri Sri Thakur Ramakrishna -
    "More are the names of God and infinite are the forms through which He may be approached. In whatever name and form you worship Him, through them you will realise Him."

  164. tanuja gunisetti said...
    whatever v do is written by brahma and sivas aagnya.... then if v do according to our fate written by brahma...how r v supposed to be punished.....?
    @@@ my opinion -

    Karmanye Vadhikaraste,

    Ma phaleshou kada chana,

    Ma Karma Phala Hetur

    Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani

    Meaning :

    You have the right to perform your actions,but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions.

    Do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty

    thank you

  165. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Hello archana I really appreciate your attempt atleast 10 among 100 can change their evil mindset from now onwards by knowing dizz.i feel..

  166. sri@ agree \ (•◡•) / thnq..

    annonymous @
    Thank you so much..
    Karmanusarenaa manushya loke...HOPE is alwaz for the good better best...​

    Let noble thoughts come to US (Me,u,al) from all directions...Hope...

  167. I have studied up to some extent and listen Sri Garuda Mahapurana by Gurs', came to know that after death, Your will soul will get "Yatana Sariram" for taking Good and Bad Karmas' affect. Accordingly, they Lord Yama Dharma Raja will Judge appropriate Justice and Punishment.No Doubt in that.


  168. Thank You (•◡•)

  169. Anonymous3:46 am

    acc to the posts above, smoking and drinking is considered as sin.. then lord shiva is shown as soming ganja.... lord sai baba is shown smoking....

    acc to the posts above, having multiple gf is considered as sin, then lord krishna has many gf...

  170. 1) ok mp, dont panic ..i will never ever try to stop u from driking,smoking & prostitution...

    and 2) i strongly believe in the 'unknown source' but do not know much about 'The unknown '

  171. Archanavedantam2:26 am

    na me viduh sura-ganah,prabhavam na maharsayah,aham adir hi devanam,
    maharsinam ca sarvasah...

    Nobody Knows me perfectly because i am the origin of all gods & sages

    - bhagavad gita

  172. Anonymous9:33 am

    dear friends, i studied all 18 puranas and i have done some online research and found out of my own logic sense is explained here:
    1. atheist mostly believe results,which are seen and proved by naked eye.
    2. theist believe vedas, which are not seen by naked eye
    eg:garuda purana etc...
    3 finally the logic, behind theist are very much true than athiest...
    that is many gods procreated, by the union of souls...eg: lord karthikeya and lord ganesha from the souls of parvathi and lord shiva,not physically...
    5. Unlike them we men procreate through body
    6.logically, procreating physically is sin..because, body fluids come from what we eat,we cant eat a sun directly,so we taking indirect food,from plants,it's a sin...
    7. it's the answer to all questions

  173. Runanubhanda Rupena Pashu Patni Suta Aalaya,Runakshaye Kshyayaanthi Tatra Parivedana

    Cattle, wife, children, and home are all the results of past life bondages.So,Once the debt gets refunded,those relationships end and thus the sufferings in this Samsara also ends ..

  174. Anonymous9:45 am

    logically speaking,there are only 2 people demonoid people and
    humanoid one..u can't understand right?
    demons vs gods
    TEST URSELF r u a demon r god?
    in our world demons are there but no god..it's proved too..r u surprised?
    1.we are selfish
    2.we are eating plants
    3.we cant live without a glass of water
    4.we cant live without sun.

    FINALLY WE HUMANS ARE PARASITES OF SUN. just like worms are parasites of our intestines...to become god,WE MUST SACRIFICE OURSELF,mentioned in puranas, i mean doing tapasya for 1000 of years...no other easy method to become a god.. finally ONE BORN FROM physical union can NEVER BECOME A GOD, YOU MUST BORN FROM SOUL'S INTERCEPTION TO BECOME A GOD...EG: LORD KARTHIKEYA, BORN FROM LORD SHIVA AND PARVATHI SOULS UNION

  175. Anonymous8:13 am

    Just wnna knw is there some punishment for secretly having a physical relationship with another girl other than the one whom i am committed to? I am not married to my girl friend yet bt v are in a serious relationship nd plan to get married to each other in near future.. So I believe ths is only sharing of love.. Nt an evil deed.. Is it wrong to get close to another girl in such a situation?? Plz answer me.. I am in a very doubtful state nd i want clarity so tht i dnt do any sinful deed

  176. what situation ? (+_+)
    what kind of gal is that Og (>_<) & ...that gf? (>_<)

    :-/ questn is sooo vague.....I can only give my opinion :-/

    Neither marry this gal nor that....promise yourself not to harm/hurt anyone, then do whatever u can to get out of all kinds of worldly dramas & ultimately take up the sainthood!

  177. Anonymous2:12 am

    hi archana sis , i really liked your posts. i used to follow your blog regularly. everytime i saw your blog i will get one doubt . what is the number 23 ?? is there any significance for it ?? or is it a random number ?? do u believe in sacred number concept like 23 is odd , 2+3=5 is a sacred number ( pancha bhuta's are 5, 5 elements in lord vishnu hands, etc...) something like that ?? can i know the significance of your number 23 ???

  178. Thank you so much dear... i just presumed it as my lucky number as for many personal reasons (•◡•)
    •◡• •◡• •◡• (•◡•)

  179. Anonymous3:32 am

    Actually Vedas have no mention of Garuda Puran or Bhagvad Gita. As per Dayanand Sarswati only Vedas are true and eternal. If vedas have stated that planets revolve around the sun then well they are eternal and true and had information by deep contemplation in states of absolute stillness. So Any other literature other than Vedas will have to be taken for their knowledge wherever it is useful but how unadulterated they are is left to imagination. And in Garuda Puran mention is made of Sushruta so author definitely was after Sushruta. Nonetheless the Garuda Puran is very interesting in its own right and has A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE including converting base metals to gold. So profound it is. If you set aside these hellish punishments the Garuda Puran is full of knolwedge and is an encyclopedia and worth every bit of preservation. So let us giveit theimportance it deserves for this fund of knowledger rather than punishments and for punishments we will stick by vedas.

  180. :-) ok guruji...agree !
    " placebo effect & Nocebo Effectss "

  181. •◡• haa...

    Science says Every Human action/inaction is backed by only 2 fundamental basic desires

    1) to gain pleasure ..
    2) to avoid pain...

    Thank you •◡•

  182. Anonymous11:21 am


  183. Anonymous11:52 am


  184. Half knowledge gives uncertain & vague conclusions & bulk of it provokes conflict :)

  185. Archanavedantam1:54 pm


    With ref to the above ...below is from my LITTLE pane of knowledge.

    "a quote on our Freedom of choice / decision making "

    Chapter 3. Karma-yoga -TEXT 7

    yas tv indriyani manasa
    niyamyarabhate 'rjuna
    karmendriyaih karma-yogam
    asaktah sa visisyate

    meaning - On the other hand, HE WHO controls the senses by the mind and engages his active organs in works of devotion, without attachment, is by far superior.

    and Chapter 2- verse - 47 says

    Karmanye vadhikaraste -
    meaning -

    कर्मण्य/Karmanya = In the work
    एव/Eva = Only
    अधिकार/Adhikar = Right
    ते/Te = Your

  186. Anonymous12:59 am

    Karmanye vadhikaraste -
    meaning -

    कर्मण्य/Karmanya = In the work
    एव/Eva = Only
    अधिकार/Adhikar = Right
    ते/Te = Your

  187. Anonymous1:28 am


  188. Anonymous5:33 am

    my dear archana darling,all what you are seeing,hearing,feeling is just a MAYA "a jugglery equipped in this cosmic world" all these beings are doing their own things unknowingly by the grace of god..i will make you understand lucidly..conclusion 1:by considering puranas vedas and theists point of view, THIS BRAHMANDA IS BUILT BY THE LORD BRAHMA "THE CREATOR" after creating flora and fauna, he created humans only males no females..but after sin arrived females originated a female being or maya is one and the same..this is not my opinion,this is their opinion ..by deriving the hypothesis practically conclusion 1 is true as stated below:
    1. as girls body is not so purer than boys.
    2.they are weaker genetically
    3.they possess a lot of changes during aging
    4.some scientists have said that without the help of males they can procreate.
    5.while periods they must stay away from spirituality
    conclusion2: by analyzing these points and deriving from both theist and atheist point of view we can easily say that being BORN AS MALE CHILD IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN OTHERS..
    conclusion3:but now in this kaliyuga,there is no proper GURU like bhisma, dhrona charya etc..so all are believing the half knowledge gurus and feeling rejoice as if they are right..this is all "A MAYA" due to the low content of ether in kaliyuga..in kaliyuga the FUTURE IS ALL WOMENS or MAYA..the male will become selfish and puppets to womens out of lust, ignorance and money..
    if a man rapes a female,he will go to lower category and will born as a female in future birth.."ALL THE PUNISHMENTS IN GARUDA PURANA ARE REAL" AND ALL THE PUNISHMENTS HERE IN THIS JAIL ARE ALL UNREAL" we are living in this unreal maya world..if we are about to do good ;then we must do it in the real world or spirit world only...

  189. Anonymous6:08 am

    "karma and quantum" theories all over the world..both are one and the same, but the prediction differs a small amount..leave the karma theory as we can't prove it,coming to quantum theory of scientists,the atom is the least matter up to 2010 after then, a new substance or species quanta arrived..for eg: protons,neutrons,electrons are sub-atomic of an atom as per their assumptions up to 2010..they are positively,neutrally and negatively charged particles revolving around the atom..here comes the divine particle called "quanta or spin"which actually decides the nature of it,and changes the entire state of atom DUE TO A MAYA,WHICH EVEN SCIENTISTS CAN'T PREDICT ABOUT IT...and karma theory is linked to quantum theory indirectly as if the particle quanta or spin is A "MAYA PARTICLE" is already fixed by the god in atoms of our body as if compelled by a strong force..by considering probability and predicting about the state of this quanta is impossible..but this quanta or maya is even predicted by our lord krishna and he himself as taken us to the war of mahabharata under complete guidance of thyself..thou knower i am the knowest "words by lord himself" many people being born as a male ruining themselves directly and doing the god's work indirectly and completing their own sin of reality in an unreality life...

  190. Karmanye vadhikaraste means @ all the living entities have the right to perform actions => Meaning all have the Freedom of choice i.e the opportunity and autonomy to perform an action of any kind or stick to inaction , unconstrained by external parties.

    and in continuation ...it was said not to bother about results (may b bcz evn karma has its share in givng results on your favor ..hehee )

    Karmanye vadhikaraste in the words of brian Tracy -> You are where you are or ever will be is up to you. You are where you are today because that is where you have chosen to be. You are always free to choose your actions, or inactions, and your life today is the sum total of your choices, good and bad. If you want your future to be different, you have to make better choices.